Storage Tips for Your Summer Car or Convertible

Whether your summer car is a convertible that needs protection from the winter elements, or another kind of car, like a tiny MG that can’t be safely driven in the ice and snow, when fall begins the slow slide into winter, you’ll need to think about putting your warm weather ride into storage for the winter. Of course, storing your summer car requires more than just parking it in a secure place where it’s protected from the elements.

Preparation Makes a World of Difference

Don’t just drive your summer car to the place where you store it and forget it. Doing so could lead to some unpleasant surprises, come spring. In order for your car to weather the winter season, it deserves a little TLC before going into storage.

Be sure to change the oil and fill the gas tank. Dirty oil has contaminants that could damage the engine, if the car is stored for more than thirty days. Likewise, the gas tank could accumulate internal moisture in long-term storage if it isn’t filled ahead of time. Filling the tank will also prevent the seals from drying out and being compromised. You might want to add a bottle of fuel stabilizer as well, to help the gas hold up in storage.

Wrap It Up Like a Holiday Present!

Don’t leave the fabric top and paint of your summer car exposed to the elements. Particularly if the vehicle is being stored in a shared space, like a garage or a barn, using a weatherproof car cover can prevent water damage or any potential damage to the paint and the finish of your vehicle.

Take a few moments to fill your tires to prevent rim damage if there’s a slow leak. Don’t use the parking break, as it can fuse with the rotors over time. Instead, if necessary, use blocks or tire stoppers to keep the wheels in place during storage. Follow these steps, and your vehicle should be in great shape when you’re ready to bring it back out of storage in the spring!

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