Name: Susie
City: Kent
Satisfied: Very
Yr, Make, & Model: ’08 Dodge Charger
Would You Recommend Us To A Friend: Yes
Services We Provided: Emissions and routine repairs
Please Rate Our Convenience Compared To Conventional Shops:
Most convenient service I’ve had
Clients Comments:
When my car failed the emissions test, I was at a loss for what to do. I had no idea why it failed, where to get help or how I was going to manage without my car while it was in the shop. Much to my relief, just one call to AutoTech2U solved all my troubles. A technician met with me right away and diagnosed the problem. With his assistance I was able to meet the emissions requirements and was driving legally before the day’s end. Since that time, AutoTech2U has helped me with all of my vehicle needs, and there have been a few. If you want honest, reliable and affordable service that comes to you, these are the guys to call!

Alex Greenbaum, USA. Seattle